A kitchen from 1987

This Kitchens was done in 1987 for a Mr Williams, in Sheffield, it was a whole project and I do remember all the codes for this Kitchen ( what a nerd ) it was F690 – 033 White handragged oak , which was so popular back then, leaded Light glass walls, small midway units everything was white oak , we did a complete job , all the appliances.

We supplied and fitted, the tiling was ceramic tiles from National Ceramics at leeds in white with a fruit border, we used to sell a lot of these , they even did pottery to match back then.the flooring at the time was Amtico , It just shows how this kitchen has lasted, yes albeit a little dated still look good.

I remember Mr Williams being a really nice man , ,I think we even went afterwards for a party for his birthday. We got a lot of recommendations from this kitchen his business partner and his girlfriend had kitchen only.
I think sometimes that I remember these kitchens we did as if it was yesterday.

Another customer popped in having seen the shop , we did their kitchen also , at Totley in Sheffield.This was a wonderful surprise , they invited me for a catch up just before Christmas , they too had the same kitchen the only thing there changed was the doors , because the kitchen was done in the eighties and was bright red gloss, so they wanted a change and replaced the doors with painted.
The granite tops were still looking good.

I have had a few people popped in for a chat , it makes me proud of the kitchens we did in the eighties and early nineties , and I appreciate the wonderful customers we dealt with who many became friends.

We did make sure that our customers were looked after we had ‘recommend a friend ‘ system so when customers recommended friends and family we either paid for them to go to a lovely restaurant for a meal or vouchers for a store they liked to shop in.

I want my customer service to be the same now because I feel that recommends are the best customers we can get.

The Brief – a German Kitchen , complete with all appliances,
Traditional look.
Solid Wood , light!
To accommodate an american fridge.freezer
Glass storage
Dining area.
Total Job.

Budget – 25- 35K

This was a very smart home , a gentleman living on his own , but did a lot of entertaining , so
storage was very important , for lots of crockery.
Open end shelves for display items.
Solid white oak midway shelves added more display areas.
a Gorgeous double leaded glass dresser , with small storage boxes . give the kitchen at country type of feel.
The dressers gave ample display for glassware , with the glass shelves to compliment them , lots of sparkle.
At the time when this kitchen was done , the fridge / freezer was hidden with door panels to try and match it in , these days , you would just leave it without now , that was the style back then.
The units were up to the ceiling on the fridge / freezer side to maximise storage.
Corner Oven and hob arrangements were popular in the eighties , the corner canopy extractor this was made especially to fit this room , solid cornice trim , and a tile band that was the fashion then.
The dishwasher was a semi integrated one , showing the control panel.
The Kitchens that we sold at the time , also offered matching dining furniture so we got a substantial hexagonal white painted table and matching chairs to compliment the kitchen.
I am so proud to see this kitchen still looking pretty tidy , even the same white worktops , and upstand are on it , this kitchen was definitely looked after.

Diane Lukeman