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As time has gone by , I have been asked for  Bespoke colour’s for wooden kitchen that being mainly shaker style kitchens. I have managed to source a range made in the UK , where I can offer now any colour you want , so if you want a sky blue pink kitchen , with […]

Don’t Move …… Renovate……..

How renovations can help to improve the value of your house. Before you start planning the renovation of your house it is good to know what renovations can add the value to your house and what renovations won’t affect it. There are a few home renovations that can provide good return on the money spent.Renovated […]

Kitchens Trends 2019

More and more homeowners are looking for storage solutions for their new kitchens. In an ideal world they want to de clutter , rearrange things to make life easier , everything in a place and to hand time saving for our fast paced lives. These are some of the trends I am finding that I […]


A lovely white simple shaker style kitchen , laminate worktops , themed on white , turquoise , a practical stainless sink and chrome taps. A wow factor statement glass splashback. Simple lines. Easy grip brushed stainless steel handles. Great amount of storage . very practical kitchen.    In addition a simple stylish shower room , […]


The Accessory Trough Range by 1810 Company. A versatile 1810 trough is the perfect addition to any new kitchen whether you are a regular party host or you just require the individuality of the accessories available. Available in different sizes. Available in Stainless Steel,Copper,Gunmetal, Gold Brass.                     […]


  Pot fillers :- are trendy , but are they practical ? Well it is a matter of personal opinion, here’s my view points. Pot fillers are beautiful to look at and to me give your kitchen a Mediterranean feel. Fabulous for not having to carry heavy pans of water across the kitchen , you […]