Bedrooms by Diane Lukeman

We can offer a comprehensive range that has been developed by Crown furniture their reputation has been developed for over 70 years , we are proud that we can offer this high quality furniture rigid Built in the UK.

All our fitted bedrooms are crafted to suit your requirements , the beauty of the flexibility in heights and width’s that this range offers we can address even the most awkward shaped areas that being loft conversions, children’s bedrooms and life spaces , we will maximize and utilize the space effectively.

It can be pure simple and functional or full of all the clever storage solutions and the latest labour saving accessories , which will be a wonderful space to be in.

Endless colour combinations

We can offer over 80 endless colour combinations.

Whether you like neutral subtle shades, wood grain effects , metallics , textures , matt or gloss. The colour fusions range has it all , it will suit every taste.  You can mix and match also to create something truly unique.  Locano is a smooth finished door available in 4 solid subtle colours , and seven wood effects, this is a very practical durable range.  Locano Touch has an elegant palette of light wood grain effects a very practical finish.  Textura a striking contemporary collection of textured wood grain doors in warm natural colours , which has a long grain feature and an end grain featuring a very stunning look,there is also 7 painted colours from the painted fusions palette.

Polaris is a very different door style with a ply edged collection in 3 finishes, this is a great accent option to match and mix with the other ranges.  Zelluso is a matt finish with ten very different colours, and four stunning wood effect doors in very classy, black oak, ebony oak, olive wood in light and dark, very effect colours to mix and matt.

Styles to suit your taste

Furore is a high gloss finish door in sixteen colours, wood grains, gloss and metallic a truly unique style that will create a very sophisticated room a joy to be in everlasting style.  Roccoco is an ultra matt range of doors in very vibrant strong colours, this is so ideal for life spaces, hobby rooms and children’s bedrooms, they would brighten up any space.  Rialto high gloss a truly luxurious range of doors, the colours are breathtaking 19 colour tones in total, dramatic primary colours, stunning metallic finishes and acrylic faced and edged doors for a truly smooth overall streamlined look, delightful a range to design, mixing these ranges is a joy,  a colour, a taste to suit everyone.

Midsomer a classic painted shaker style door, this range has been created so you can match these wondefrful shades to your room decor and home, 22 colours which include light delicate shades, stronger more statement colours and a primed finish so you can choose your own favourite paint.

Our showroom

Our showroom is located at 25 Abbey Lane, Woodseats, Sheffield S8 0BJ United Kingdom.

In a boutique style we can showcase all the latest innovative colours, styles, materials for all the range of furniture.

To compliment the furniture we offer the best technology available in the array of appliances we can offer you also practical labour saving accessories and devices to make your project the best it can be.

What customers say ..

“Thanks to all of your tradesmen and suppliers, it was a pleasure to deal with every single one of them, at all times they have been nothing but professional”

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