Home offices by Diane Lukeman

Diane Lukeman has been designing lifestyle spaces , mainly kitchen and bedrooms for over 30yrs here and abroad, and the occasional home study along the way.

Over the past few years there has been a shift in our work situations , where we require more areas to home offices or personal home studies whichever term you prefer has become more popular as people work from home more to incorporate their work and family life and get a happy balance.

Tailored specifically to your requirements

So if it is possible, you would want to make your workspace a joy to be in and also be well organised and tidy.  Each creation is tailored specifically to your requirements, whether it be totally a professional space, a hobby room, a teenager’s study or just a retreat where you can quietly sit enjoy your own space.

The rooms we usually want to turn into a workspace can sometimes be a challenge, but here we like a challenge, different shaped rooms, outside area in bespoke cabins, summer houses, which ever you desire.

” I remember whilst doing a fitted kitchen for a lovely couple in Sheffield. The gentleman who worked from home and wanted a home office within his swimming pool area.  The area with was outside alongside his house, a covered pool and it was I have to say, a really nice space to be in, very relaxing, a nice place to see business contacts, do the deal and then have a swim! “

Our aim is to fully listen to your “wish list” so we can accommodate your needs and desires to maximise the space you have. There are also many labour saving and creative accessories for you to ponder on from bi-fold door storage, file storage, accessory drawers to house all your bits and pieces, to create a well organized area.

Accommodating your needs

This range also includes a very versatile shelving system, very substancial in quality, which can blend in with all the colours and finishes. There are several colours available so we can mix and match so your space is uniquely designed for you.

The shelving can be with or without doors, mixing colours with wood grains looks very smart and individual. You make want to showcase some collections, photos, certificates, anything is possible with this range, so things can be on show or hidden away. All the colour fusions are available so there would be something to suit every taste, modern, contemporary, traditional or a funky room.

Our showroom

Our showroom is located at 25 Abbey Lane, Woodseats, Sheffield S8 0BJ United Kingdom.

In a boutique style we can showcase all the latest innovative colours, styles, materials for all the range of furniture.

To compliment the furniture we offer the best technology available in the array of appliances we can offer you also practical labour saving accessories and devices to make your project the best it can be.

What customers say ..

“It seemed I had only to mention something to you once and it was done. Thanks for all the extra running around and for your endless patience”

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