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Media rooms are becoming more and more common these days because of their entertainment value, convenience and potential to increase the overall value of a home.

You may just want a place to sit and relax and play some music, or the whole home theatre experience.  You may want to incorporate life space furniture so you can add wine racks, wine coolers, bottle storage.  Before starting a media room , make a list of the multiple of uses for this room.  Storage for all the latest entertainment technology.

Shelving for showcasing , sports trophies , memorabilia , collections etc hidden storage for bulky items things you don’t want to display.  Media room design has to be right for you and your family, you’ll want to think about the configuration of this entertainment space.

Create an ambient, cinematic experience

Light and sound are the two most important aspects, the overall feel you want , these things can be discussed at our first meeting , so we can design the room to suit your lifestyle and requirements.  Once we have covered all the groundwork, the design etc, then the exciting bit of choosing colours.

First we would need to check, the location’s suitability for custom wiring you want or even need it for lighting, audio and internet access. The first three categories are essential for any media room, and Internet access is recommended—many homeowners want the ability to stream video to TVs or projection screens, or connect for multiplayer gaming or web surfing in the media room.

You will also want to be able to hide the wiring for lighting and electronics or in discreet tubing throughout the room; messy wiring is visually unappealing,

When the wiring is all set, you’ll want to consider the audio-visual and electronic equipment media room. The choices here in terms of cost and complexity border on infinite, but one guiding factor you can often use to help you choose is the size of your basement media room. Square footage will go a long way towards determining things like the size of the TV or projection screen needed, the number or speakers required for your sound system, and the scope of the lighting system you’ll need to create an ambient, cinematic experience.

Adding the wow factor

Different ambient lighting and wall coverings will set the mood you want.   We can look at high gloss materials, adding a metallic flavour in some wonderful , brushed steel , copper , brushed bronze , the design capabilities are endless.

For a more traditional look we can use painted wood doors in a colour that meets the flavour of your engineered stone tops and side panels adding a luxury , and wow factor for your home.  Thick substantial shelving and hidden compartments , the use of stainless steel , copper , stone veneers for wall panelling all create whatever look you want.

Our showroom

Our showroom is located at 25 Abbey Lane, Woodseats, Sheffield S8 0BJ United Kingdom.

In a boutique style we can showcase all the latest innovative colours, styles, materials for all the range of furniture.

To compliment the furniture we offer the best technology available in the array of appliances we can offer you also practical labour saving accessories and devices to make your project the best it can be.

What customers say ..

“From our contented silence you can safely assume that we are highly delighted, the whole renovation project ran smoothly due to the professionalism of the team”

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