Pot fillers :- are trendy , but are they practical ?

Well it is a matter of personal opinion, here’s my view points.

Pot fillers are beautiful to look at and to me give your kitchen a Mediterranean feel.

Fabulous for not having to carry heavy pans of water across the kitchen , you have the sink to hand to drain.

Dependent on your cooking habits , then a pot filler could be useful or not.

Available in so many styles , to match a traditional , modern or contemporary kitchen , in so many finishes.

I love them , I must get one put in the studio.

potfiller Pot_Filler Moen-Pot-filler2 filler DXV_Contemporary-Pot-Filler_96ef0832 Delta-Matte-Black-Pot-Filler.JPG-2 1165LF-AR_WATER_ROOM_WEB 1177LF_WATER_WEBBlk pf Delta-Matte-Black-Pot-Filler.JPG-2